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Connect4Energy is solving the major problem of electricity through providing low cost and environment friendly energy. We assure you that you can minimize the cost of your energy bills. We offer best rates for your business and provide long term contracts so the ease of our customers. We always take care of our customers satisfaction.

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While looking for best Gas supplier you should be aware of different issue which might change the Gas unit rate and Standing charges for your business. The team of Connect4Energy always keep an eye on Energy market in order to serve our customers in finest manner.

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The irregulating in business water market supplier has been observed recently. Connect4Energy offers you a contact according to which your current supplier continues to provide clean water to your business and remove the water waste while other services such as meter reading and billing services would be managed by other company.

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If you want to reduce the cost of your energy bill, it is always recommended to change the supplier. It is observed that some companies never change their energy suppliers and always overpay for their energy bills. Specially, it is tough for small businesses to manage a big amount of their energy bills. The first easiest solution to cut down the cost of the electricity bills is to change your energy provider. Connect4Energy already has helped several businesses in finding the best suitable energy deals for your businesses.

It is very simple and easy to change the energy supplier the same as switching home energy providers. The hard part is to find a suitable energy supplier company to switch. Energy providers are offering different energy packages due to which the consumers become confused. We just need some basic information from consumers such as the location of the business, the nature of business and their consumption rate. All this information is already provided on your energy bills. The expert and efficient team of connect4Energy makes comparison and helps you in finding the best and most affordable energy package for your business in order to cut down your energy bills cost.

No need to worry about any disturbance in energy supply if you change the provider since the new supplier communicates with previous energy provider and check all provisions for switching over. We guide our new customers to check for exit fee if they change supplier partway during their contract while assuring them that their switching will be worthy.

The process of changing the commercial electricity suppliers is easy and straight forward which usually completes in 4-6 weeks. But here it is important to note that you can not change your supplier if you are in contract with any other energy provider the same as your domestic energy contract. It is not possible to change the fixed-term contract, therefore; you need to wait till that time when your energy contract will about to end and enter in renewal window which in some cases begins 6 months earlier before the end of the contract.

On the other hand, if you have deemed a rate tariff, you can change your energy supplier at any time. Small businesses only need to give 30 days’ notice before switching.

The charity organizations and those businesses which are registered as not-for-profit are entitled to a 15% reduction in VAT. Moreover, these businesses have an exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL)- energy tax for commercial energy use which reduced the bill further 5%. Connect4Energy is one of the famous name in this regard. Our experts guide such organizations and help these dwindling businesses to achieve stability by cutting down their expenses on energy.

It is not a tough task since you can get all the information from your energy bill in order to switch over. For transferring your energy supplier, you just need to provide the

The current energy name, the tariff which you are using and its end date. The type of supply and utilization of energy in kilowatt-hours.

In case, if you are unable to provide the above information even then our experts' team helps you in finding the best package for your business, but quotes could be a bit varied.

Below is the list of our energy providers which offers the best commercial energy packages.


Smart Energy

British Gas



Dong Energy


Dual Energy





OVO Energy




Simple Gas


Total Gas & Power

Regent Gas

Hudson Energy

Yorkshire Gas and Power

It depends upon the consumer whether the company wants to keep the existing energy supplier or change to the new one. In any way, the consumer must have something in place in order to avoid expensive out-of-contract charges.

If you want to switch your supplier, it is necessary to give them a notice of your business moving at least before a month. You should also tell them the dates when you are going to move and the date when you will move into your new business premises incorporated with a new business address. It would be beneficial for you if you keep meter readings of your previous address when you moved out and a new location when you move in.

Connect4Energy gives this choice to its customers whether they want to get quotes with or without the VAT and CCL (climate change levy) so that they can get a clear idea about all amounts included in the bill.

It is important to do a comparison before selecting your energy provider. You just need to answer a few simple questions about your business such as its energy consumption and type of your business. All this information you can easily get from your energy bill. Connect4Energy team will check and send available tariffs as per given information from which you can select the best suitable package for your business.




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We are specialists in checking and confirming utility bills: a complex and time-consuming process that most organizations don’t have the time, skills and resources to perform in-house. With billing errors rife, especially in the non-half hourly metered electricity market, we help you to avoid unnecessary costs.

We can undertake bill validations retrospectively or prior to payment – giving you peace of mind you are only paying invoices that have been checked and are correct.

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An excellent quick and efficient service of smart meter installation for my Salon has allowed me to keep track of my energy spend! Thank you to Connect4!

Mark Burridge

I found Connect4 energy via google, and they saved me over £5,000 across both our Van Centre’s for which we use a large amount of gas for. Needless to say i was super happy. Thank you

Selina Lidar

Connect4energy is the best company to deal with as their customer service is really fast. They respond my all emails in a really fast manner and resolved my queries. All the information provided on the website is really helpful. Furthermore, they are providing a competitive price. It’s the best energy supply company.

Maxi Ferandus