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Energy Solutions


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Energy Solutions

In the course of the most recent two centuries, the demands of limited natural resources have amplified drastically, particularly due to power industry areas. To fulfill the need of energy it is required to burn more fossil fuel which ultimately pollutes the air.

We know today that non-renewable energy source is in limited supply and near to exhaustion which will bring energy crisis in the whole world. Connect4enegery is bringing solutions for these problems and each solution goes through a strict assessment process.

We are providing installation of hybrid solar panels which are able to absorb solar radiation for heating and electrical energy on a single panel which helps in minimizing the cost. With the help of these hybrid panels, we are able to produce energy with the high-efficiency rate as compare to separate. Furthermore, we have increased the rate of heat production by 25% through using a transparent insulating cover which minimizes the heat loss from 40% to 15%. This is the best solution for big buildings where electric and thermal energy consumption is high.