Complaint Procedure

Approach to Complaints Handling:

Making a Complaint:

Contact us in the first instant below:

If you contact by telephone we will try to resolve immediately by our customer service team. However, if you cannot resolve we will ask you to either fill the contact form on the website or email in our complaint’s inbox. You can ask the advisor to take down your details on the call.

Our complaints team will acknowledge your complaint within 1-2 working days.

Our aim is to respond to your complaint within 10 working days. Sometimes it is not possible as we
may need further time, in which we will keep you updated with timescales.

Resolving a Complaint

Our team will provide you a resolution to your complaint. You can accept or reject the resolution
depending on if you feel the resolution is fair.

Escalated Complaint

Your complaint will be passed to a director of the company who will then view it.

The director will review your complaint then decide if they feel it has been dealt with fairly. If they
do feel this has been dealt with correctly, they will propose a new resolution to complaints team.
The complaints team will advise you if the outcome has been defended or upheld. You need to
decide if you accept the resolution or decline.

Complaint Deadlock and Energy Ombudsman

If your complaint is less than 8 weeks old and we have done everything we can to try and resolve your complaint, we will deadlock the complaint. A letter will be sent advising you of the deadlock, this means that you can go to The Energy Ombudsman with your complaint.
If your complaint is more than 8 weeks old, and we have not come to resolution, you will receive a letter advising you are within your rights to contact The Energy Ombudsman.
The Energy Ombudsman will liaise with us directly to try and come to a resolution. Their services are free for you to use and they’re entirely independent, they don’t take sides and their decisions are
based only on the information they have.
You don’t have to accept their decision, but if you do, we’ll act on what they say. That might mean us saying sorry, explaining what’s gone wrong, fixing the problem or paying you compensation.

Contact Details for the Energy Ombudsman: