Smart Meters from connect4energy

Smart Meters from connect4energy


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Smart Meters from connect4energy

Connect4energy is providing the service of installation of smart meters which helps you in controlling your energy consumption through measuring the amount of usage and nature of appliances. Moreover, it shares all the information online or through in house display. There is no need to check and submit your meter readings every month. Smart meters will automatically measure the reading and send it to us by using their own secure network which is completely isolated from your WiFi. You can select that period of time for meter data sending which will appear on your In-Home Display. The bills generated in this way are more accurate as they are from real data.

These meters enable you to control your energy and reduce the bills. With these smart meters, you can track your expense on gas and electricity. You can also check which of your home appliance the major cause of the increase in the bills by using “My Energy Breakdown” option.

The government of the UK also wants to upgrade the old energy systems into new advance and efficient smart electricity grid which helps in controlling energy supply. It also helps to maintain the infrastructure at low cost and permits to add more renewable electricity sources to the grid which ultimately helps in tackling the climate changes.

The installation of smart meters is a major step towards reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. It is observed that the demand for these meters is growing rapidly since it provides an ease to customers. Install your smart meter today and say bye to all worries. Contact the team of connect4energy today and book your appointment.