Connect4Energy provides assistance in generating your own electricity through solar panels which helps to run your home appliances. We capture and store the electric power of sun through installing highly efficient solar panels and batteries in the houses which helps you to save money on bills. This energy not only helps in managing your house but also you can earn money by exporting it. We design our solar and batteries solutions in such a way which are suitable for your life, budget, and house. We are providing installation of modern and sleek solar panels on the roof which easily adjusts to the existing tiles. We also install in-roof solar panels which fit in existing tiles and become a part of roof tiles. Our solar panels come with long terms warranties and provide excellent wind resistance and strength.

With solar panels installation, we also offer battery storage system which connects to the solar panel through which you can store all excessive electricity generated by the solar panel during the day in order to use it later at night when you need it. In this way, you will import a very small amount of electricity from the grid and become able to save money on your electricity bills.

Battery Storage:

In most regular installations a medium sized battery is required which is of around 4-6 kWh while a distinctive house on average consumes around 12kWh per day. Moreover, our experts are always here for your help and for your guidance in order to select the right solar panel system and battery for your house.