Complaints Procedure

Making a complaint: At Connect 4 Energy, we always provide excellent service, but we understand things can go wrong.We work tirelessly to resolve any issues quickly as possible by following our complaints procedure: Approach to Complaints Handling: Aim to resolve any complaints as soon as possible Provide explanation and apology if required Liaise with one […]

Build Sustainable Future

Energy is a major element to accelerate the growth of a better future. Connect4energy is providing reliable services through which you can save money. By using our services, you become able to control your energy consumption or even generate your own electrical energy which you can sell and earn money. Whether you want to change […]

Smart Meters Installation

Connect4energy is providing the service of installation of smart meters which helps you in controlling your energy consumption through measuring the amount of usage and nature of appliances. Moreover, it shares all the information online or through in house display. There is no need to check and submit your meter readings every month. Smart meters […]